Male Dancing Ahead of Everyone

How to Get Out of Male Dancing Ahead of Everyone Else

On August 10th I wrote a post about “Retiring from Dancing“, and I made some recommendations on how to start planning.  This was written for the general dancer population, but for those with the true drive and determination to get ahead, there is one sure way to get ahead of everyone else.  But first I’m going to tell you how NOT to do it.

Spending 100% of what you make. … Continue reading

New Weekly Addition to!

After a lazy Sunday afternoon of browsing youtube, I ran across some pole dancing vids I found entertaining.  They are suitable for newbies and experienced dancers alike, as everyone can learn something new.  So without further ado, here they are!

Breast Implants: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Fake boobs.  All are definately NOT created equally.  Some are ok, some are magnificent, and some are just plain abominations.  If you are considering having a breast augmentation, here are a couple things to at least consider before you make a final decision.

Larger breasts will not ALWAYS boost everyone’s self confidence.  I’m taking a guess here out of the hundreds of girls I’ve known over the years, there have been a…Continue reading

New Way to Check Updates on!

If you use the popular update service, you can add joshandchandra and get notified when we post new blogs, add new services, or if we have some other important news we put out.  It’s free and very useful.  You can get updates through twitter itself, or you can receive email, text updates on your cell, text message on your instant message service, and more!  This is also a… Continue reading

Why It’s So Freakin Important to be to Work on Time

There are numerous reasons why you should ALWAYS be to work on time.  It’s one of my pet peeves, and honestly there have been a few times I haven’t been able to be there exactly when I was supposed to be, but life happens and I always felt bad for being even 5 minutes late.  Here’s some legitimate reasons why you should also strive to always be to work on… Continue reading

Summer Time and Tan Lines at Work

This was a topic that came up with a couple other girls at work last nite and I thought about all the years I’ve worked and if it really mattered.  I’ve seen some horrendous tan lines on some girls, like granny panty tan lines, and seen some that are barely noticable.  But as I remember and what other girls said, here’s the conclusion I’ve come to.  Tan lines aren’t all… Continue reading

Give a Rude Customer Your Special Number the Next Time They Ask for It!

Lol this is something new to me but obviously has been around for awhile.  A friend showed this to me last nite and I thought it was hilarious.  There is a website that specializes in breaking bad news to people who just can’t quite take a hint that you don’t want them to have your real phone number.  They have set up multiple numbers, at least one in almost everystate… Continue reading

News from male dancer advice

We’ve currently entered the world of Squidoo and Hubpages!  Come visit us there at and at  These are just two small new avenues we have created to help get the word out about us.  Check it out!… Continue reading

Bad Bouncers

This is a rant about some of the bad bouncers I’ve had to endure over the years.  I was at the club the other night and one bouncer in particular really helped encourage me to write this by his obvious inability to comprehend what he should be doing while performing his job.  Here it goes.

1.  The Drunk Bouncer.  I’m not talking falling down, throwing up, or passing out drunk.  I’m talking drunk… Continue reading

Retiring from Male Dancing, Is it in Your Future?

Most of us get started in Exotic Dancing with the expectation of only doing it a short while.   What time frame this exactly amounts to is different for everyone, but it usually doesn’t entail a lifetime career.  And without the benefits of retirement plans, and dancers having a notoriously bad reputation for putting aways the amount of money they should into a savings account, it can be hard to “get… Continue reading